Ohio Regional Photo Competition
2009 Contest Results

Sponsored by Nekton Dive Cruises,
Wyndham & Sand Dollar Sports
MidWest Dive News & Deep Blue Adventures

Grand Prize Winner


Pair of Turtles - Gary DeMont

People's Choice Award


Magnificant Urchin - Bernie Atkins

Fresh Water Catagory - 1st Place


Manatee - Kerry Mullin

Standard & Wide Angle Category - 1st Place

Eagle Ray

Eagle Ray - Don Wickline

Great Lakes Catagory - 1st Place

Bow of the Arabia

Bow of the Arabia - Alan Yates

Macro & Close-up - 1st Place

Fish Eye

Eye - Jeremy Kozman

Fresh Water Catagory - 2nd Place

Jelly Fish

Jellyfish Lake - Gary DeMont

Standard & Wide Angle - 2nd Place

One Jelly Fish

Jellyfish - Gary DeMont

Great Lakes Catagory - 2nd Place

Diver's Hangout

Diver's Hangout - Bernie Adkins

Macro & Close-up Catagory - 2nd Place

Soft Coral

Pair - Gary DeMont

Fresh Water - 3rd Place


Crayfish - Andy Dennis

Standard & Wide Angle - 3rd Place


Dolphin - Donna Reese

Great Lakes Catagory - 3rd Place

The Elmwood Wreck

Elmwood Wreck - Chris Doyal

Macro & Close-up - 3rd Place


Chrinoid - Paul Chilton