Ohio Regional Photo Competition

2011 Contest Results

Sponsored by the Aggressor Fleet,
Deep Blue Adventures & MidWest Dive News

Grand Prize Winner

Checking Things Out

Checking Things Out - Jeremy Kozman


People's Choice Award


Squatters - Bernie Atkins

Fresh Water - 1st Place

Cold Space

Cold Space - Mark Thomas

Standard & Wide Angle - 1st Place


Squid - Bernie Atkins

Macro & Close UP - 1st Place


Octopus - Melody Spencer

Point & Shoot - 1st Place

Cayman StringRay

Cayman Stringray - Rick Hamman

Fresh Water- 2nd Place


Keystorm - Gary Demont

Standard Wide Angle - 2nd Place

Flying Above

Flying Above- Jeremy Kozman

Macro & Closeup - 2nd Place

Yellowhead Jawfish

Yellowhead Jawfish - Jeremy Kozman

Point & Shoot- 2nd Place

Octopus Stretch

Stretch - Annette Soule

Fresh Water - 3rd Place

Colorful Quarry

Colorful Quarry - Chad Rutherford

Standard & Wide Angle - 3rd Place

Can I Take Your Picture

Can I Take Your Picture- Gary Demont

Macro & Closeup - 3rd Place

In the Basket

In the Basket - Bernie Atkins

Point & Shoot - 3rd Place

Spotted Eel

Spotted Eel - Dave Soule

Due to limited entries, Great Lakes Category was combined with Fresh Water Category