ScubaFest 2015 Speakers and Presentations

Admission to ScubaFest 2015 is FREE, but just $18 for a daily pass and you

can pick from three rooms of speakers and presentations. Come see the best in

underwater photography, shipwrecks, diving techniques and training.


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Michael Salvarezza and Christopher Weaver:

Keynote Speakers for the Saturday night banquet, with present Iceland: Diving in the Land of Fire and Ice. Visit the only

divable hydrothermal vents in the world, in incredible clear water; explore rivers of

hot water and see the colorful marine inhabitants.


Ed Buckley:

St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures, The style and beauty of St. Croix come to Ohio with this fun and exciting presentation.


Jim Elliott:

Diveheart Scuba Therapy…Imagine the Possibilities.  The organization uses Zero Gravity and Scuba Therapy to help children, adults, and veterans with disabilities.


Jeff Ginther:

The Cayman Islands, one of the greatest scuba vacation destinations.

This one is a perennial favorite.


Tony Gramer:

President of Silent World Information Masters, Inc.

     The William Young Wreck.  In September 1891, the 139-ft schooner  left Buffalo in tow of the propeller Nashua, and after a long fight with a gale went down in the Straits of Mackinac.

     Philippines Paradise Discovered:  Harlequin Ghost Pipefish, Seahorses, Frog fish, Mandarin fish, Octopus, shipwrecks, and whale sharks.


David C. Haas:

One Lens Shooting. Drawing from his considerable expertise, David

shows how all photographers, using Point-and-Shoot or SLR cameras, can expect

incredible results just using the one lens that came with the camera.

David will also present a travel destination yet to be decided.


Mallory Haas:

The A7 Submarine. A pre-WWI submarine investigated in 2014;

her sinking, her overall long term heritage, and the family background of the lost



Terri Huber:

In the dive travel business since 1998, Terri’s presentation takes us across the

Pacific to the beautiful and diverse water of Palau – reefs, fresh water jellyfish, a

parade of sharks, and beautiful fish.


Jim LaPenta:

Ratios, and their Effects on Safety in Training. For all divers

Jim will present his views on this often overlooked subject.


Rich Lauer:

Basic Underwater photography. For those new to photography, this

teaches you the quick basics of digital photography, cameras, and the taking the

system under water.


Brian Miller:

Regulators for the Cold, and Regulators for Travel.  Brian will give you tips and insights for buying your next regulator.

     EON Steel – Suunto’s New Customizable Dive Computer.  See the capabilities of this fantastic new dive computer.


Pam Miller:

CocoView Resort, always popular. For one hour you can be away from

Ohio in March.


Steve Miller:

Ikelite Photo School. This is a unique system of photography

instruction that will benefit the beginner or the professional.


Cheryl Patterson:

Our trip & travel expert and ScubaFest Sponsor, Cheryl gives

a presentation on diving the beautiful reefs of Statia, with beautiful pictures and a

unique sense of humor.


NAUI Update: with Kenny Wheeler Saturday afternoon.


PADI Instructor Update: with Gary Joyce Sunday morning.


Roger Roth:

Jim Dickey will be presenting on behalf of Roger Roth, who will be away exploring and diving

Kevin the Underwater Explorer Returns to the Red Sea.  Fun for the whole family as Roger continues the adventures of Kevin, a popular show at ScubaFest 2014.

Summer Diving in the Red Sea, as the warmer months bring out huge schools of varied exotic fish.


Michael Salvarezza and Christopher Weaver:

Beneath the White Sea, in Russia’s

High Arctic. Dog sled through Finland to dive through the ice in Russia.


Puerto Galera and Verde Island. Vibrant reefs and colorful marine life in the jewels

of the Philippines.


Andy Silverman:

Diving with Side Mount BCs. The newest trend in diving – is it for

you? Andy will explain the advantages of the new system.


Rudy Whitworth:

Fiji’s Finest. Fiji is a mecca for wonderful diving, while the

panoramic colorful reef scenes and hundreds of fish species makes it a Must See!

Philippines Style. At the heart of the Philippines, Dumaguete and Puerto Galera can

provide all the diving and “Style” you need!


Richard Woulfe:

Insider Travel Secrets. Learn some of the latest strategies to get the best dive and water adventure deals.  



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